Recent investigations have revealed that the Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) based in Florida has misused a lot of the donations that they have received from American supporters of our wounded veterans.  We at Montana Wounded Warriors would like to assure all of our supporters that we have never been associated with WWP and never will be.  We don’t have staff and administrators with outrageous salaries – we are all volunteers.  We don’t throw extravagant parties that cost millions of dollars that should be used to help our wounded vets.  We appreciate every dollar that is donated by our fellow Montanan’s and try to be the best stewards of the funds you have entrusted us with.  We don’t exploit our wounded veterans to enrich ourselves and are extremely disgusted with those who do. 
We have concerns that because we have the words “Wounded Warriors” as part of our name people may assume we are involved with this terrible abuse to our veterans and those that support organizations that help our wounded vets.  We are very proud of the fact that we are a stand alone organization based here in Montana that will use all the resources we receive to benefit our wounded Montana Veterans.  Below is a part of a letter sent to the editors of many of the papers around the State.
Well the cat is out of the bag.  What many of us involved with Military Service organizations have known for some time has finally been made public in a big way.  Wounded Warriors Project misuses much of the donations it receives.  We have heard claims by former veterans who were employed by WWP  who have told us that either they felt their status as wounded veterans was being exploited by the organization to raise funds or that the funds donated to the organization were being misused. Any one who looked into the organization knew that the people running the organization were being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary that could have been used to help our returning wounded veterans.   I think the figures used that state 60% of their funds are donated for veterans services is probably high and could well be under 50%.
I would like to reiterate to everyone that Montana Wounded Warriors is a separate organization which has never been affiliated with WWP and never will be.   We are a stand alone 501-c3 not for profit based here in Flathead County. We have no paid staff, and we don’t throw lavish parties and call them training sessions. We raise funds to serve our returning wounded Montana veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We focus on taking these wounded veterans on high quality hunting and fishing trips right here in our State.  The funds we receive from our generous donors make sure that our vets have no out of pocket cost.  We pay for transportation, food , lodging, ammo, outfitters, meat processing, taxidermy and any other cost that might be associated with our trips.  These trips allow us to take anywhere from 2-12 wounded vets out together to bond and heal.  We feel that the best therapy for our combat vets to deal with their wounds is to be around other combat wounded veterans with the same experiences. We have also started to provide service dogs and help with food donations to those veterans in need. We have been doing this for the last 5 years and have been able to increase the number of trips and services to our veterans  because of the generous donations we have received from the great people of the State of Montana who have supported our mission.  The residents of this state respect and support those who have served in the military.  They also want to show those who have been wounded physically and mentally in combat how much they appreciate their sacrifice to preserve our freedom.
You might run into a wounded vet who has been on one of our trips or hear about us from other people, but you will never receive a letter in the mail or see a commercial on TV asking for your donation.  If you ever do donate to our organization, please realize that your funds will be used to benefit our wounded veterans to the fullest extent possible.
Neil Baumann
Columbia Falls
Board member
Montana Wounded Warriors


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Below is a testimonial video of some of our vets who have hunted with us.

What is Montana Wounded Warriors and Who is Eligible?

Montana Wounded Warriors was formed to provide residents of the State of Montana, who were wounded as a result of combat service in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, with high-quality hunting and fishing opportunities in the state of Montana. These veterans must also have received at least a 30% disability rating from the VA. We are based in Columbia Falls, Montana, near Glacier National Park.

The organization is run by an eight member all-volunteer board.  This allows us to maximize the use of donations to serve our Veterans. We have no paid staff in contrast with other organizations who may serve Veterans in some capacity, but whose budget is primarily used to cover fundraising and other administrative costs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take groups of 2 to 6 wounded Montana Veterans on all-expense-paid hunting and fishing trips where their chances of success are extremely high.

We focus solely on putting these wounded Veterans in a beautiful outdoor setting and giving them the opportunity to bond with others who have walked in their boots.  Other organizations may have more resources and skills at dealing with other aspects of these wounded Veterans’ needs but we feel that the abundant natural resources available in Montana combined with a willing group of outdoor enthusiasts allows us to provide these Veterans with an unforgettable, high-quality experience.

These outdoor excursions serve many purposes, including:

  • Giving others the chance to thank these men and women for the sacrifice they have made for our country.
  • Giving severely injured service people the chance to get out and participate in activities that they may have felt that they would never be able to do again due to their disabilities
  • Giving Veterans another opportunity to heal.

Veterans Helping Each Other Heal

The Veterans have told us that the most important aspect of these trips, other than the outdoor opportunity itself, is the chance to get together with other wounded Veterans and talk about what they went through in the field of combat, how they are coping with their wounds, and how they are attempting to transition back into civilian life… in other words it’s part of their healing process.

This healing process may start in a Veterans Administration (VA) hospital with group sessions supervised by medical and military staff but most of the Veterans we have had the honor of helping tell us that the informal setting we provide them where they freely interact with each other is much more helpful then the more structured programs they have been exposed to in the past.

What our fundraising pays for

Our fundraising efforts go towards funding these trips through professional outfitters with high quality food and lodging. Many people would volunteer to provide a place for our participants to fish and hunt, but many of our Veterans have special needs that professional outfitters are better suited to accommodate.  Outfitters often provide discounted, and in some cases, free trips for an individual Veteran but due to our goal of taking multiple participants on each trip it is unrealistic to ask these businesses to fund our entire outing.  We fundraise year-round in order to provide group trips two or three times per year.

Tax-deductible and low overhead mean maximum adventure for Veterans

We are an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) so any donation you make to Montana Wounded Warriors will be tax deductible. Rest assured that your donations will go toward taking wounded Montana Veterans on outdoor adventures right here in the state of Montana. Other than fees paid to outfitters, we have no paid staff. We believe in serving as volunteers.  Thank you for your support.