2014 Hunt in Wisdom

Another successful hunt was had in Wisdom, MT on the beautiful Hirschy ranch. This was the first year Montana Wounded Warriors was sponsored and guided by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  The Montana State Leadership Team for the Elk Foundation had set up a great camp on forest service land just outside of the ranch. They provided great meals and a welcoming environment for our two wounded veterans.

Our two warriors, Dustin Anderson and KC Sivumaki, both marines wounded in Iraq, had a lot of common experiences to share with each other over the weekend as they had served in the same area, and Dustin’s unit had relieved KC’s in the Ramadi combat zone.

The first day was exciting as Dustin got his first bull elk (pictured below). The members of the elk foundation state team did a great job of recovering as well as skinning and quartering the elk for Dustin.

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The second day of hunting was slow, and we were unable to find any elk, but that evening the Elk Foundation put out a wonderful steak dinner and we had the opportunity to meet Heidi, Dan and Jerri of the Hirschy Ranch and thank them for allowing us to bring our wounded warriors to hunt on their ranch.


Early on the last day of our hunt, 4 elk were spotted and the stalk was on!  KC got into position and got a shot off at a cow, filling his tag.  Pictured below is KC and Mike Zaragoza, team member of the Elk Foundation from Kalispell, in the swamp where they found the elk.


It was quite an adventurous recovery, but we were able to get the elk back to camp with the help of a much needed four-wheeler.

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A huge thank you to the Hirschy family and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, who made this a very successful trip.  (picture below, left to right:  Beau Maciag, Tim Freed, Matt Ashley, Kurt Kinden, Jared Wold, Dustin Anderson, KC Sivumaki, Jamie Freed, Mike Zaragoza and Neil and Robin Baumann)