2014 Hunting Season Starts With Some Bang in Alzada!

dscf4557-1(rev 0)sOnce again, Trophies Plus Outfitters hosted opening day weekend for Montana Wounded Warriors.  Five of our wounded vets gathered here for an opportunity to shoot some mule deer.

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(Left to right:  Chris Grudzinski, Mike Watkins, Brandon Olsen, Esther Watkins, McCay Mathiason, TJ Smith, and Chris Mazur)

The first day had many sightings, and Chris Mazur was the first to shoot.

????????Day 2 brought in two more deer by Brandon and TJ!

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That night we had a photo op as R. Lee Ermey, the drill sergeant, from  the movie Full Metal Jacket, and Stan Potts, from numerous shows on the Outdoor Channel, joined us for dinner.  Pictured below, Montana Wounded Warrior Chris Mazur presents R. Lee with a shirt and hat.

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Day 3 also ended with a bang as McCay brought one home.


And a good time was had by all – to God be the glory!!!