2014 Spring Bear Hunt

The 2014 Wounded Warrior hunting season got off to a rousing start as two hunters, Josh Peppers of Lame Deer, and McKay Mathiason of Billings arrived at Spotted Bear to hunt from May 26th thru May 31st, the end of bear season.

They were welcomed by Lisa Lee, who has the Diamond R Lodge and guest ranch, as well as guide Dylan Curry.

Hunting began early in the morning with a hearty breakfast and lasted till late in the evening as the bears were pursued. Josh and McKay, guided by Dylan, hunted very hard each day and covered many miles on foot looking for a suitable bear. Neither one of the hunters had gone after bear previously, and had not been to the Flathead/Spotted Bear area before, and were quite impressed with the area.

Josh was able to take a very nice bear after hiking into a remote drainage that guide Dylan was familiar with. The bear measured 6’7″, quite impressive, and was in great shape. This was Josh’s first bear, and he was thrilled.

McKay also had an opportunity at a good bear, but the elusive critter got away before he was able to harvest it.

Josh and McKay hunted long hours and worked very hard, so it was nice to see their endeavors rewarded. Dylan was very knowledgeable and professional, and did a great job of putting the hunters in contact with bears.

Also, Bill Paullin, an assistant of the Diamond R Lodge and an experienced pilot, flew Josh and McKay over the Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wilderness, as well as the Chinese Wall on a truly spectacular flight. Josh and McKay also shot clay targets with guns, ammo and targets provided by Bill and Lisa Lee, a first for Josh Peppers.

All in all, a very successful and enjoyable hunt. The lodging, meals and accommodations were first rate, and the hospitality provided by Lisa Lee and and her crew at the Diamond R were second to none. Josh and McKay commented that the meals were so good and plentiful that if they stayed much longer they would need to go on a diet.

Great hunt, great time.