2016 Bear Hunt – Spotted Bear

Our hosts at the Diamond R Guest Ranch welcomed four hunters:  Tim Cooper and Tannon Hillis of Bozeman, Kyle Sukbir of Helena, and Jeremiah Eaton of Columbus.  Montana Wounded Warriors board member Bob Lilienthal also attended.   None of the hunters, with the exception of Kyle, had hunted bear before or been in the Northwest Montana hunting area, so excitement and enthusiasm were running high.

Due to the damaging wild fires last fall, with the subsequent logging and mushroom picking activities, the normal hunting routines were somewhat impacted.

As in past seasons though, guide Dylan Curry as well as Will Lewis did a fine job of scouring the area and locating bear.  Kyle was able to fill his tag, and Tim had an opportunity that did not end in harvest, but all hunters were very impressed with the guiding, meals, hospitality and accommodations provided by Lisa Lee and her Diamond R staff.

All four wounded warriors hunted very hard and spent many hours scouring the mountainsides, and even though not everyone was successful, all involved thoroughly enjoyed their time in the outdoors and camaraderie with fellow combat vets.

Thanks again to everyone at Diamond R Guest Ranch!