2014 Fort Peck Hunts

This past year multiple Montana Wounded Warriors (MTWW) would partake in hunting events in Fort Peck, Montana. We started the season off with a very successful archery elk hunt. Jared Fleury was our first MTWW that went on an exclusive archery hunt. It was a scheduled four day hunt. Jared arrived to the lodge in late September ready to start and met up with Dillon his guide and Carl the outfitter. Together they constructed a plan for the hunt. Early the next morning Jared and Dillon headed out in search for the elk. When they arrived to the area that Dillon had been scouting, the elk were there and talking. Together they got into place and started calling for the elk. A nice bull elk came to their call looking for a cow. Jared readied himself, drew the bow back and let the arrow fly. He made a wonderful shot.  The elk only went a few steps. Jared had taken his first bull with a bow. It made for a wonderful day and memories that would last a life time.????????

As the normal rifle season started so did the freezing cold. A group of seven wounded warriors made their way over to Fort Peck mid-November for a Trophy mule deer, duck and goose hunt. The weather was extremely cold pushing temperatures well below zero. One morning the wind chill read -35 degrees below zero. This group of wounded warriors embraced the cold and had an incredible time. All the wounded warriors had the opportunity to harvest wonderful mule deer. We even had a wounded warrior harvest a record mule deer with his bow.

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As the hunt went on and each wounded warrior filled their deer tag we switched gears to duck and goose hunting. We would set the MTWW’s up in blinds and wait for the massive waves of ducks and geese to start heading to the fields. For many of the Warriors this was the first time they had shot a shotgun. Though hundreds of shells were shot only a few would fall from the sky.

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With all the deer, ducks, geese and coyotes that were taken, one wounded warrior put it best:  “This hunt and experience would have been incredible even if I didn’t get anything”.  As an observer I have never seen a group of warrior’s bond so quickly.  This event will truly go down in the history books.