April 2012 Turkey Hunting Trip – Alzada, MT

The end of April found Montana Wounded Warriors in Alzada, Montana for a spring turkey hunt.

Board members Dr. David Sheldon and Neil Baumann accompanied wounded warriors Kyle Lockwood of Kalispell and Saul Martinez of Bozeman on this trip.

Both men had been wounded during their tours in Iraq.

We were the guests of Mike and Esther Watkins of Trophies Plus Outfitters. Mike and Esther were wounderful hosts, our soldiers where given the red carpet treatment, the lodge was great and the food outstanding, nobody went hungry.

The weather however was awful. We dealt with snow, high winds and driving winds, not exactly prime turkey hunting conditions. We saw turkeys and had some missed shots but unfortunately neither of our hunters got a bird.

Nevertheless, the trip was seen as a success by our veterans. They were able to discuss their experiences in Iraq and their injury’s and recuperation with someone who had been there and lived that. They were also surprised at how many common acquaintances they had in the service and how close they had been geographically while serving.

While we would hope that every hunt would end with game on the ground, because it is fair chase hunting that doesn’t always happen. Still we always provide a quality environment for our wounded warriors to relax and bond with fellow veterans, and that sense of comradery and healing is really what it’s all about.

Thank you to Trophies Plus Outfitters and all of our supporters who make it possible to provide this kind of experience to servicemen. We can never thank them enough for their sacrifice.

P.S. Both of these soldiers as well as four others will be hunting mule deer with us this fall.