Dillon Bird Hunt 2015

Montana Wounded Warriors Marv Blokzyl and Dan Kerpa  of Helena and Dustin Andersen of Kalispell were in Dillon, MT from the 2nd to the 4th of January for our first hunt of the year.  The New Year found us hunting water fowl with long time friend and supporter Jason Baker of Montana Mallards.  We had a lot of success with late season ducks and geese.  Friday we hunted the Beaverhead River on property owned by Jim Callen, next to the Riverfront House where we stayed.  Saturday we got into the ducks at Jason’s lease on the Tash Ranch.  Sunday found us on Jesse Peterson’s land and Marv, Dustin and Dan hammered the geese!   As you can see there was a lot of good shooting going on.


Pictured above are wounded warriors Marv Blokzyl, Dustin Andersen and Dan Kerpa and board member Neil Baumann.