May 2012 Flathead Valley Turkey Hunt

While our spring turkey hunt in Alzada didn’t end with a tag on a turkey, board member Neil Baumann wanted to give Kyle Lockwood another chance closer to home.

Kyle and Neil both live in the Flathead Valley and later in the spring Neil was able to get permission from a local farmer to take Kyle hunting on the farm where he had seen turkeys.

Neil met Kyle and his wife Veronica on the last weekend of the season in May.  The turkeys were gobbling on the roost as soon as they got there so they quickly got Kyle and his wife in a groundblind at the edge of the wheat field.  Neil called a nice gobbler in and Kyle and Veronica were able to watch the mature bird strut and gobble for 15 minutes before Kyle sealed the deal.

It was Kyle’s first turkey and it weighed 19 pounds with a nine inch beard. The hunt was over by 6:45am – good job Kyle.

Special thanks to Karl and Carol Schrade for allowing Montana Wounded Warriors to take one of our wounded warriors hunting on their property.  The Schrade’s have also offered to allow us to take other wounded veterans hunting there in the future. Thank you and God bless.