Montana Wounded Warriors

Montana Wounded Warriors

Montana Hunting and Fishing Trips for Wounded Veterans in Montana

Winnett Pheasant Hunt 2020

Warriors Helping Each Other Heal

The veterans have told us that the most important aspect of these trips, other than the outdoor opportunity itself, is the chance to get together with other wounded veterans and talk about what they went through in the field of combat, how they are coping with their wounds, and how they are attempting to transition back into civilian life…in other words it’s part of their healing process.

This healing process may start in a Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital with group sessions supervised by medical and military staff, but most of the veterans tell us that the informal setting we provide is key. They are able to freely interact with each other which they say is much more helpful than the more structured programs they have been exposed to in the past.

Who We Are

We focus solely on putting these wounded Veterans in a beautiful outdoor setting and giving them the opportunity to bond with others who have walked in their boots. Other organizations may have more resources and skills at dealing with other aspects of these wounded Veterans’ needs but we feel that the abundant natural resources available in Montana combined with a willing group of outdoor enthusiasts allows us to provide these Veterans with an unforgettable, high-quality experience.

Who is Eligible to Join

Montana Wounded Warriors was formed to provide residents of the State of Montana, who were wounded as a result of combat service in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, with high-quality hunting and fishing opportunities in the state of Montana. These veterans must also have received at least a 30% disability rating from the VA for physical and/or mental issues directly related to their combat service.  They must also have received an honorable discharge from the military, unless they are still active duty.