Montana Wounded Warriors


We Provide All-Expense Paid Hunting & Fishing Trips to Wounded Veterans

Veterans United In Healing Through The Great Outdoors

We are based in Northwest Montana, near Glacier National Park. The organization is run by a nine member all-volunteer board. This allows us to maximize the use of donations to serve our Veterans. We have no paid staff in contrast with other organizations who may serve Veterans in some capacity, but whose budget is primarily used to cover fundraising and other administrative costs.

Colstrip Antelope Hunt 2022

Our Mission

We take groups of 2 to 6 Wounded Montana Veterans on all-expense-paid hunting & fishing trips where their chances of success are extremely high.

We focus solely on putting these wounded veterans in a beautiful outdoor setting and giving them the opportunity to bond with others who have walked in their boots. Other organizations may have more resources and skills at dealing with other aspects of these wounded veterans’ needs but we feel that the abundant natural resources available in Montana combined with a willing group of outdoor enthusiasts allows us to provide these Veterans with an unforgettable, high-quality experience. 

These outdoor trips serve many purposes, including: 

– Giving others the chance to thank these men and women for the sacrifice they have made for our country. 

– Giving severely injured service people the chance to get out and participate in activities that they may have felt that they would never be able to do again due to their disabilities 

– Giving veterans another opportunity to heal.

Grass Range Hunt 2019

Fundraising Efforts

Our fundraising efforts go towards funding trips through professional outfitters with high quality food and lodging. Many people would volunteer to provide a place for our participants to fish and hunt, but many of our veterans have special needs that professional outfitters are better suited to accommodate. Outfitters often provide discounted, and in some cases, free trips for an individual veteran. With our goal of taking multiple participants on each trip it is unrealistic to ask these businesses to fund our entire outing. We fundraise year-round in order to provide as many trips as possible per year. In 2015, we were able to fund over 20 trips helping over 40 different veterans from Montana.

Tax-deductible & Low Overhead Provides Maximum Adventure for Veterans

We are an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) so any donation you make to Montana Wounded Warriors will be tax deductible. Rest assured that your donations will go toward taking wounded Montana Veterans on outdoor adventures right here in the state of Montana. Other than fees paid to outfitters, we have no paid staff. We believe in serving as volunteers. Thank you for your support.

Who is Eligible to Join

Montana Wounded Warriors was formed to provide residents of the State of Montana, who were wounded as a result of combat service in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, with high-quality hunting and fishing opportunities in the state of Montana. These veterans must also have received at least a 30% disability rating from the VA for physical and/or mental issues directly related to their combat service.  They must also have received an honorable discharge from the military, unless they are still active duty.