Montana Wounded Warriors

Photo by Joetography:

Alzada Deer Hunting 2019

Opening weekend of the 2019 big game rifle season began with a bang! It can be a stressful situation at times trying to get all of the Veterans together and fulfilling all their needs. This year especially has been more than worth all the work that goes into these hunts. My season begins mid summer with talking with the outfitters about what kind of animals they’re seeing and how many Veterans we should schedule. Mike with Trophies Plus Outfitters, has become a great friend and even more so family. I had several phone calls trying to make a trip down to Alzada and do some scouting – maybe even picking up a few sheds, but it never came together for me this year as my crazy work schedule always seemed to be in the way. What did come together was Mike. His family and crew had been seeing big animals and it was going to be an awesome season.