Montana Wounded Warriors


In June Montana Wounded Warriors got the opportunity to return to the beautiful Big Horn River and fish with David “Bubba” Burns and his outfitting business Bubba’s Outdoor Adventures.  It was a fun filled weekend planned for our grateful Warriors, Adam Stash, Nathan Stash, and Jessica Kersh.  We all arrived at the lodge provided to Bubba from Big Horn Avid Anglers for a very nice comfy place to stay when we weren’t out on the water.  We unloaded our gear and headed to tackle the river for the first trip.  The river was not ideal fishing with it being so high and fast but the guides (Bubba and Dave) guided us to still catch some nice trout before the days end.  We did a quick float and then headed back to enjoy an awesome dinner and get to know each other.  The night was full of laughs and we all built an unbreakable bond.  We headed out early in the morning to try the Yellowtail Dam since the river was too high and fast for optimal success.  We got to see some of the most beautiful scenery while enjoying the beautiful weather.  The fun never stopped as we started learning to fly fish and catch carp nonstop.  The Warriors had so much fun catching huge carp on a fly rod.  Then Adam and Jessica went with Jesse (lodge owner) in a jet boat to try some more fishing farther up the dam.  They came back with a massive trout that proved to be one of the biggest they have ever caught and saw a bear come to their boat during lunch that made the trip even more interesting.  We ended the day with the guides rowing us around the dam as we continued to fly fish in a perfect fishing setup.  We ended the evening with a meal fit for a king and continued to laugh throughout the night and have a great time that these Warriors needed.  We finished up the trip with the guides taking the Warriors to a different lake and giving them even more breathtaking views and some nice trout to fill the cooler with.  When all was said and done, this was a great trip and the Warriors were given the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company with Montana Wounded Warriors.  

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