Montana Wounded Warriors

We thought we were done for the season with hunting and we received a call about a cow elk hunting opportunity on a private and very lucrative ranch.  So on very short notice we called up two Warriors who started the season with us this year on an archery bow hunt for elk.  Mike Bossen and Chad Kiernan did the first hunt of the season with us and we were unsuccessful, but worked their butts off as the weather was not ideal.  They were eager and made sure they were available for this opportunity.  We met up with the Warriors and met the guides for the first time and went right to business down the road.  They took us directly to the spot where they saw elk the night before.  To no surprise, there were several dozen elk out on the hillside grazing.  We hopped out and started to sneak on the herd with two very eager and excited Warriors.  The awesome guides got us right on some small bulls but we needed cows so we had to move to the bigger part of the herd.  They got the Warriors within 200 yards of the elk just on the opposite hillside as Mike and Chad both got into position to shoot.  Through the trees was constant cow calls and talking.  Once there were two cows in the clear both Warriors shot and dropped their cows almost 20 yards apart.  It could not have worked out better.  The Warriors were thrilled as they shot their first elk.  To make it even better, the guides went and grabbed an ATV and pulled the cows out to the truck for us.  Considering how hard Mike and Chad had to work during the archery season, this was a perfect ending for a great year for them and Montana Wounded Warriors was honored to be a part of it with them. 

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