Big Timber Fishing Trip May 2019

Once again Montana Wounded Warriors were invited to the Riverstone Lodge, just south of Big Timber in McLeod, MT, for a fly fishing trip. Reo Phillips and his wife, Kelly Zigler and her boyfriend, and Dwayne Whitaker and his girlfriend all joined us for quite an adventure. On the first afternoon we did some light fishing on the east branch of the Boulder River as well as the lake on the Riverstone Lodge property. On Tuesday, we woke up to about 3 inches of snow. Our veterans persevered in the wintry weather and were still able to catch a few fish with the help of George Anderson of Big Timber Fly Fishing. We were also blessed to have one of our own wounded veterans, Rodney Thurman, as one of our guides. Thankfully the snow melted by the end of the first full day, but the weather was still quite chilly. Wednesday and Thursday more fishing was had. We were also able to shoot on the lodge’s sporting clay’s course in the afternoon on Thursday. We would like to thank Carl Icahn, owner of Riverstone Lodge, as well as Craig and Deb Greenlee and the rest of their staff for their wonderful hospitality and great meals.
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