Montana Wounded Warriors

We had a great group of Montana Wounded Warriors that participated in our Mule Deer hunt at Fort Peck Hotel in November of 2017.  They included Elizabeth Regland, Kyle Seabourn, Dev Stutsman, Jim Lish and Tyler Hiltner along with MTWW board assistant Fred Ricketts.  Our host was Carl Mann, the owner of the Fort Peck Hotel, and the 3 guides – Dylan, Jeremy and Dennis – that assisted our hunters on an excellent hunt.

The weather did not cooperate on Saturday the 1st day of our hunt, but our group hunted all day in the cold 10 – 15 degrees and 20 + mph wind that chilled you to the bone. Deer were bedded down and hard to find that Saturday and at dinner we all talked about seeing tracks but not seeing any deer.  Then, around 6:00 pm as we were eating dinner, in walks Elisabeth (our only woman hunter) who had hunted all day with Dylan one of the great guides. We were all excited to find out she had shot her 1st buck late that afternoon. Wow, we were impressed. 

Sunday the weather got better. It was only 8 degrees starting out, but no wind to speak off. Several hunters were successful and/or at least got a shot or two at some bucks.  By Tuesday our last hunting day everyone had gotten a buck.  Carl and some of the guides took a few of our vets out for pheasant and/or ducks and geese which was a great addition to the hunt.

Everyone had a great trip spending time with each other and enjoying the hospitality of Carl and Linda. Special thanks to Linda who was up each day at 4:00 am cooking breakfast for the whole group.

Thanks to all that participated…

Fred Ricketts, Board Assistant

  • 2017 Fort Peck Kyle Seabourn -3
  • 2017 Fort Peck Tyler Hiltner -1
  • 2017 Fort Peck Elizabeth Regland -3
  • 2017 Fort Peck Dev Stutsman-3
  • 2017 Fort Peck Dinner -1