Montana Wounded Warriors

Photo by Joetography:

Fort Peck Deer Hunt 2019

We had a great group of Montana Wounded Warriors that participated in our Mule Deer hunt at Fort Peck Hotel in November of 2019. They included Dev Stutsman, Bill Austin, George Burke and Dustin Hostetler along with MTWW board assistant Fred Ricketts. Our host, Carl Mann, the owner of the Fort Peck Hotel, and the 2 guides, Jesse and Caleb, assisted our hunters on a Great Mule Deer hunt. The weather was good for the 1st three days of our hunt, but Sunday we woke up to 5 – 6 inches of snow. Dev got his deer on the 1st day so Fred took him out for a little Pheasant hunting on Friday. Great weather and a lot of walking. Birds flew ahead of us just out of shooting range, but it was fun seeing Gunner, Fred’s Griffon, go after them. By Saturday everyone had gotten their deer.  Carl and the guides took the vets out goose hunting on Sunday. The goose migration was in full force. The Wounded Warriors got a lot of chances at the geese with a few hits and a lot of misses as the geese flew off the river. It was a fun time in the snow trying to harvest the geese. Everyone had a great trip spending time with each other and enjoying the hospitality of Carl and Linda. Special thanks to Linda who was up each day at 4:00 AM cooking breakfast for the whole group. Thanks to all that participated  Fred Ricketts, Board Assistant


Fort Peck Hunt 2019 - Bill Austin
Fort Peck Hunt 2019 - Dustin Hostetler
Fort Peck Hunt 2019 - George Burk