In Memory and Honor Of

2021 Memorials

Thank you to all the family members and friends who donated to MTWW in Memory of the following:

Phil Kumm         John Connolly

2020 Memorials

A special THANK YOU to USS Capitaine Association, a group of submariners. They have given us a generous donation. At their last reunion, there were only 5 of them left, so they decided to disband and give their remaining cash to other non-profits, which included Montana Wounded Warriors.

Dima McClintock           Tom Henneberg

Leonard Elkshoulder Sr

2019 Memorials

2018 Memorials


John S. Uivany        Jim Coulson

John A. Spek            Henry Parish

Brent Marvosh              Jim Crum 

Billie Eisinger            Hugh Kramer

Kenneth Ray Holt


2017 Memorials

Diana Tresch               William Deffenbaugh                 Alfred Acree           Mickey Obert                Phil Barnett

Bernard Raymond “Bernie” Skoff                 Bob Burtch              Clarence (Bill) Wilson          Dottie Ferguson

Theodore Ray Jacobs

Dottie Ferguson’s husband who served in the Navy

2016 Memorials

Ava Jean Duncan         Glenna Gillan       Curtis Gordon        June Marie Miano          Virgil Bench

Emma Jore      Jim Oleson      Raymond Seeman      Rudy Bertolino     Thomas L Lanning       Dorothy Ayre

Phillip Blakely Garness     Phillip Garnett    George L. Stensland     William Barron Deffinbaugh

An additional thanks for the donations made in honor of:

Chris Grudzinski

2015 Memorials and Prior Years

Jerry Funk                                      Harry Tripp                                   Bernie Brown                        Clarine Harker

Robert Scow                                Joseph Stipcich                                 Gerry Joliffe                                  Willie J Oliver

William Highbarger                        Robert L. Curtis                          Harry J Reinig Jr                          Sam Roberts

Doris Lockridge                                   Bill Hanser                                   Kenny Dahlgren                          John McRae

Dan & Sharleen Rowlan                 John H. VanNorman                  Mike Fitzpatrick                           Leo Martinelli 

Robert Black                                     Scott Stewart                               Bill Gotschall                                 Dick Klick

Wayne Davids                                  Mikel Ives                                  Michael Lawrence                           Roy Stein

      Leland “Lee” Smith                     Don William Mitchell                    Harvey L. Marshall