Montana Wounded Warriors

Montana Wounded Warriors Jake Parker, Bruce Maybon, and Larry Lumly, along with board member Bob Lilienthal were once again welcomed to the N-Bar Ranch for the opportunity to pursue elk.  The generosity, hospitality, and professionalism provided by the Wilks Brothers and family, owners of the N-Bar, and carried out by Ranch Manager Mike Sedgwick, wife Mary Beth, and guides Shawn and Dale, are second to none and provide our hunters with a truly unique experience.  All three hunters were able to harvest elk under the guidance of Mike, Shawn, and Dale, whose knowledge of the Ranch and its wildlife is truly amazing.  Our organization is truly blessed to have the opportunity to hunt this area, and Jake, Larry, and Bruce were very enthused to be able to partake of the hunt.  The Ranch also was kind enough to let Montana Wounded Warriors Raffle off cow elk hunts as a fundraiser, which was a huge success. The accommodations, food, and hospitality were wonderful, and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Again,a huge thanks to the owners and staff of the N-Bar for their kindness, and generosity.

Bob Lilienthal 

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On November 16-18 we set out for the N Bar Ranch once again. What a great trip! Thanks so much to the Wilks Family and all the great staff!!! Mike, Mary Beth, Ryan, Dale, Sean, and all the others behind the scenes!!! We had three awesome warriors, Howie Copple, Jeremiah Wright and Chase Giacomo, who had never shot an elk. We got it done with the help of the ranch expert assistance in only a few days! What a wonderful time. They were all so kind, made us feel at home, and it could not have been possible without the Ranch’s kind and generous selfless service to our Veterans!

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The NBAR shoulder hunt was one of the most incredible hunts I have ever been on.  The landscape was beautiful, the ranch hosts were wonderful and the Vets were so deserving of this opportunity.  As soon we got to the ranch we all got changed into our hunting gear and headed out. Within minutes of hiking we saw our first large herd of elk.  It was magical seeing a herd of hundreds, listening to them talk and mil around the property. We watched the elk from about 400 yards away as the sun set in the background.  It was a great end to a perfect first evening of hunt. The next morning we were greeted at the house and headed out to start the first full day of hunting.  It wasn’t too long that we had got into position to harvest our first elk.  Brock O’Hara made a great shot and harvested his first ever elk.  The other two wounded warriors, Dustin Anderson and Chuck Williams, would follow soon after. As we drove around the ranch we saw all types of wildlife from mule deer, to antelope, massive bull elk and even a mountain lion.  The NBAR ranch is a perfect area for our wounded warriors to gather and have a place to bond in a beautiful and relaxed setting.   Two of the three wounded had never harvested an elk before. There were tons of smiles and laughter later that evening while discussing the day of hunting and telling all of our stories.  A sincere thanks to the NBAR ranch and all those who helped in making this possible for the Montana Wounded Warriors. 

-Jesse Mann, board member

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