Montana Wounded Warriors

Hunters Tim Cooper and Jon Kristjanson along with MTWW board member Bob Lilienthal were welcomed to the Spotted Bear area by our hosts at the Diamond R Guest Ranch, Lisa and Bill Paullin.  Guide Jesse Shivly had Tim and Jon up early and out until dark in pursuit of the always elusive black bears.  Unseasonably warm weather had the bears holed up more than usual, so a lot of hiking and spotting were required.  The long hours and hard work paid off when Tim was able to harvest a very nice and beautifully colored bear.  Tim was very pleased as this bear was his first, and he very much enjoyed this exciting experience.  Although Jon did not have the opportunity to harvest a bear, it wasn’t for lack of effort on his part or that of guide Jesse.  A 50% success rate is actually quite impressive, and that is what we have typically averaged over the last few years, so job well done!  As in the past, hosts Lisa and Bill at the Diamond R provided us with superb meals, accommodations and hospitality.  Truly a memorable experience.  Jesse confided that he had never had a more enjoyable and agreeable set of hunters in his experience as that of Tim and Jon.  Thanks so much to everyone who make these trips such a great success, from the hosts to the folks who support the MTWW’S.

Great job Tim and Jon, and here’s to future success.

 Thank you all, Bob