Montana Wounded Warriors

This was the first year that we tried our hand at this opportunity, as Sidney MT has a surplus of mule deer does all over.  So we were contacted with access to several plots of land from local landowners.  We took some Montana Wounded Warriors for the weekend to thin the mule deer population.  The Warriors available on short notice were Chris Grudzinski, Ethan Bailey, Dean Murray, and Josh Beckett.  The Warriors all carpooled up there and the fun started before we even got to start hunting with this group.  We finally arrived and met up with the awesome landowner and got a quick tour of the land before we could start harvesting.  It was too dark the first evening to begin the hunt so we went back and unpacked and had a fun dinner and spent the evening hanging out and talking about the good old days followed by relentless teasing.  Well the morning came too early and we were up at it trying to thin the herds.  The first deer we spotted was a nice mule deer buck walking alone and Chris was eager to squeeze the trigger, so he put the stock on and dropped the nice deer to get the morning started.  We headed down to the next plot of land and started glassing all the coulees.  Ben and Dean were out on the ground and dropping deer across the other side.  It was a blast watching them shoot at such long range.  We tagged four more deer and headed to lunch.  That evening we went out again and Dean shot a nice big mule deer buck as the others shot three more does to end the night of hunting.  We went back to the shop, ordered pizza and boned out the meat from the days harvest.  That next morning we went out and started off fast with taking a nice whitetail buck and a doe.  We went around and hunted some more coulees to finish the day out with another 5 deer.  We ended up with a total of 12 deer harvested to take home.  The Warriors all decided to donate their deer meat to the Montana Veterans Meat Locker to help feed Veterans in Montana.  We had a great trip and this was a great group of Warriors that really benefited from this trip.  It was a long weekend but well worth the trip.  We look forward to doing this trip again with a brand new bunch of Warriors next year and to include some pheasant hunting.