Montana Wounded Warriors

Winnett Pheasant Hunt 2021

Winnett Pheasant Hunt 2020

The hunt was great. This was the best bird numbers I’ve ever seen in my life. We all met Friday and went to Weller AG for introductions and some clay pigeon shooting. Then we worked with Joe’s rescue German Shorthair Pointer on Friday with some pen-raised birds. The dog went from not being too sure of birds to having a really great point by the time we got it the last training bird. The dogs then grabbed the first raccoon of the hunt and finished it off with no issues. Saturday we started hunting around 0900 and by around 1100 everyone had their limit of birds. We would have finished sooner but we had a little delay as my dog and the German Shorthair decided to take on a raccoon, which they dispatched with ease. In the afternoon we tried for some sharp-tail grouse but no luck. Sunday was the same everyone had their limits. Unfortunately two of Warriors had to leave Sunday evening as they had to work Monday. Monday’s hunt was a productive hunt with two of us getting our 3 bird limit in about 30 minutes. Like always the Hill Ranch Oasis took good care of us.